Ashramam Principles

Thirumayilai Sivagnana Nataraja Swamigal attained the stage of Mukthi and to make every one to attain that, Swamiji created some important principles.

  1. Those persons who come here for learning this Yoga Abhyasams should not get diverted in anything else other than Mukthi.
  2. To attain Mukthi one should do basic Yoga Abhyasam and explore the secrets of body, life, Athma, birth and death, which can be achieved only through Yoga Abhyasam. There is no other way to find out.
  3. Therefore this Yoga Abhyasam alone is the only way for Mukthi and this is the most important principle.
  4. Unlike olden days leaving the family and going as Sanyasee, without leaving the family, job and doing our duties we should try to attain Mukthi. Because the joy and sorrow, disappointment, shamefulness, ingratitude which happens in the family life will give us an experience and capability, and teach us to pass through some stages in Yoga life.
  5. By running a Yoga Life in a society rather than in a lonely place, doing our duties without any desire and aversion, and running a yoga life, which will lead to an important way to attain Mukthi.
  6. Those disciples who follow this will be explained about the importance and essence of Mukthi and according to the capability of that Athma, our Ashramam will help them to improve in their stage of Yoga Abhyasam. These are the principles of our Ashramam.