Our Gurus

Thirumayilai Sivagnana Nataraja Swamigal:


Our Guru Thirumayilai Sivagnana Nataraja Swamigal in his childhood was like other normal children who wish to learn and play the sports in those days. Swamiji learnt Boxing, Silambam (cane fight) and he had a well-built body. At that time he met a saint who told him looking after your body alone is not enough! There are lot more things in the world to be learned beyond that and went away.

Immediately Swamiji felt a change in his mind and he went in search of that saint, but he could not find him. From that day he started his search for saints and started his Yoga Life. Swamiji had met many saints and among them 53 were notable, from whom he got Upadhesams [Dheksha]. Swamiji went to many villages, towns, and cities and nearby places and taught Yoga Abhysams to those who are willing.

Later on in his old age, Swamiji came back to Chennai Peravallur and started a Siddha Yoga Center. Then Swamiji went to a forest at Gudiattham to practice Yoga in a lonely place to turn his body into an Enlightened body. Disciples came to know about this and requested Swamiji to stay in Chennai and preach them. They brought Swamiji back to Peravallur and bought a place near a temple to arrange for his Samadhi and requested him to stay there.

Swamiji also thought that if he goes to forest and turns his body into light and leave this world it won't help others. Hence Swamiji decided to be a guide to others and preach this Yoga Abhyasam.

Swamiji wished to preach his disciples what he learnt by struggling in the forests, river beds etc, under one roof, which they can learn while leading their family life normally. With that noble thought Swamiji stayed there and decided to attain Samadhi there itself. Finally Swamiji attained Samadhi in February 18th, 1987.

After that it was developed by his successor Thiru Sivagnana Ranganatha Swamigal as an Ashramam.