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Thiru Sivagnana Ranganatha Swamigal:


In 1975 Thiru Sivagnana Ranganatha Swamigal came to Thirumayilai Sivagnana Nataraja Swamigal and got Deekshai. Thiru Ranganatha Swamigal was an atheist. At that time one of his colleague gave Nataraja swamiji's address and asked him to meet him. Immediately Thiru Ranganatha Swamigal met Nataraja swami and discussed about the beginning and end of Yoga. After getting satisfied with Swamiji's answers, Ranganatha swami took deeksha. During his Yoga abhyasams he was deeply attracted by the character, activities and aim of Nataraja Swamiji and realized that Swamiji is a great guru and learnt the yoga with great respect from him.

At that time Thiru Ranganatha swamil felt bad about the activities of other disciples in the Ashramam and he left the ashramam thinking that it is not running properly. Watching the absence of Thiru Ranganatha Swami for some weeks together, Swamiji sent a person to call him back. Thiru Ranganatha Swamil came back and explained to Swamiji that the activities of Yoga Center are not proper and the reply from Swamiji was - “ All you need is yoga abhyasam, you learn that! I am not teaching it for you, it is for those who will come after you.” After this Thiru Ranganatha swami started learning yoga abhyasam more seriously and attained good stages in yoga.


Thiru Sivagnana Nellairaj Swamigal

When Thirumayilai Nataraja Swamigal attained Samadhi in 1987, every one joined together and did their preliminary work for Samadhi. After that, many of the disciples could not come to that yoga center due to various reasons. They were not able to build the Samadhi and a Dhyana Mandapam at that place. After some time Thiru Ranganatha Swamigal built a Samadhi and Dhyana Mandapam around Nataraja swamigal samadhi and continued . At this situation many new disciples came to him to get Upadesam and Deeksha. Among those disciples Thiru Ranganatha Swamigal selected Thiru  S. Nellairaj Swamigal as his successor and taught all the yoga abhyasams to him. Finally in 1998, Thiru Ranganatha Swamigal attained samadhi. From then onwards Thiru Sivagnana Nellairaj Swamigal is continuing to teach this art of Yoga Abhyasam.