Our Spiritual Path

Our Spiritual Path:

In the world, the soul takes many forms of life before attaining the life of a human being. An athma(soul) gains various experiences from all the activities like protecting oneself from danger, hunting for food, building shelter to protect from rain and sun, procreation, education, way of life (social, cultural, spiritual etc.,). It also gains experiences from happiness, sadness, hunger etc., in its journey from a single sense being to the six sensed human being having these experiences registered in their soul, human beings lead their life

In all the births, from a single sensed being to a six sensed human being, only in the state of human being, an athma can know about brahmam completely. In that search for Brahamam it gets many experiences which the Athma uses for its Yoga life. If in a particular birth, it could not know brahmam completely, then Athma takes birth again and continues its way. Like this in many births, athma gains various experiences from its life, family situation, work, education etc and travels towards the fulfilled stage of Spiritual path called “ MUKTHI ”. In that journey towards mukti, athma also attains its own experiences. Combining the experiences which it gained with those it has attained, the athma will create its own spiritual path.

Among those athma, which follow such spiritual path, only a few can attain mukti. An athma can reach up to certain stage according to its qualities and experiences. Even some athma which attained mukti have not told about it completely considering the culture and characters of the people in the place they live.  For example when some people want to climb a mountain with an aim to reach its peak, it may not be possible for all to reach the peak. Depending on their capabilities and qualities, people will reach up to certain heights. Some of the them, will get satisfied with the heights they reach and starts to share their experiences. Like this only, many Athmas expressed their spiritual experiences to the world, from their fulfilled stage to the lower stage.

Our Guru Thiru NATARAJA Swamigal has attained mukti. Swamiji had shared his experiences to his disciples along with Yoga Abhyasam to attain Mukthi. Our Ashramam way is only to attain “ MUKTHI ” and not to concentrate on anything else. Mukthi alone is our goal in our Ashramam. To turn our Body, Mind and Life into light and mix with Athma and attain that Supreme Light (Almighty) is called “ MUKTHI ”. This is our path