Siddha Education


Siddha Education is that which cleans our Body, Mind, Soul and turns them into light to blend with the Supreme Light (Almighty).

  1. Through this Siddha Education one can overcome Death by attaining enlightened body and can become immortal. In order to attain that you need to do “ Vaasi ” abhyasam (Pranayamam) and cleanup all the 72,000 nerves and veins in our body. By doing this and getting enlightened body one can attain “ MUKTHI ” and there is no Death after that and so it is called Immortal Education.
  2. In this birth one can study up to bachelors, Masters etc., and if they die and take a new Birth, they have to start again from LKG. But in Siddha Education when a person practices it and cleans 35,000 nerves before his death, then in the next Birth it will start from that 35,000 only. The one he had practiced in his previous birth will be continued and therefore it is called as Immortal Education.
  3. A person who practices this siddha education will increase his “ Vital Energy ”, which cleans his body and which eventually makes it an enlightened body, which is immortal. Therefore siddha education is called as Immortal Education.


Breath is usually considered as the inhale and exhale of air. Breath takes place through our nostrils. When the majority of the breath takes place through right nostril then it is called as “ surya kalai ” and when the majority of the breath takes place through the left nostril, then it is called as “ Chandrakalai

When 90% of the breath takes place through the right nostril and the remaining 10% of breath takes place through left nostril, then the body will be heated up. therefore it is called as suryakalai. Like wise, if it takes place through left nostril (90% left nostril, 10% right nostril), body will get only slightly heated. Therefore it is called as Chandra kalai.

When the breath takes place through both the nostrils it is called as Suzhimuna. At that time more heat will be there in our body.

These three breaths spread throughout our body. Suryakalai runs from right nostril to the left toe, passing through sixteen positions down in our body and sixteen positions up, totally 32 positions. Chandrakalai runs from left nostril to the right toe passing through 32 positions up and down.

But when the breath takes place through suzhimuna, it travels from the tip of the nose to the legs, so that it spreads through out the body.

These are the functions of three breaths in our body.



In the worldly life the word Pranayamam means the exercise, which corrects our breath. That is to make all the three breaths to run in our body at the equal proportion and also to increase the amount of vital energy taken from the air we breath. The Pranayamam is usually thought by the people as a proper Breathing exercise. That is why people go for walking, fitness exercise, cycling, physical yoga etc., thinking that they will help in maintaining their breath [uniformly] and thereby making their body to work properly.

Actually Pranayamam in not only an abhyasam which helps to maintain proper Breath, it also helps our breath phases, body, mind, life, soul etc., to function properly. Because of avasthas like lust, anger, vengeance etc., the breath goes out of control, which makes us loose our Vital Energy.

Pranayamam: In our body three phases of breath namely Suryakalai, Chandrakalai, and Suzhimuna take place. These phases of breath are spread out in our entire body. By doing Pranayamam, these three phases of breath will merge together. The vital energy will mix with this united breath and passes through our entire body and strengthen the nerves and parts of our body. This secures our health. In our Pranayamam abhyasam, the vital Energy is produced more than any other Pranayamam abhyasams.

Pranayamam helps our mind to keep the feelings like lust, anger, enmity, jealousy etc., under control and saves the vital Energy that is being wasted by those feelings. Therefore the abhyasam that makes the mixing of Vital Energy and the breath is called “Pranayamam ”. All the Siddhas did this abhyasams and in their language they called it as “ Vaasi ” and therefore we are also calling it as vaasi.



What is Meditation?

Meditation means making our mind to concentrate at one place.

Where to concentrate our mind?

Our saints had referred our mind with Air, which is one among the pancha bootha. As mind is in the form of Air, it is wavering. If you stop that wavering, mind will get the energy to think patiently. You have to concentrate and make your mind to stay on that air which we breath.

If you make your mind to stay at one place in your body, heat will be generated there. Then life force will come and join with it and mind will turn in to a solid form like a bead. All the consciousness and thoughts in our body will join that bead and mind will start to realize it. It will be like a Bead and the process of making this Bead is called Meditation.

While watching that bead, there won't be any thoughts in your mind and the only thought will be in that consciousness. This meditation only will help you to take a clear decision in any problem and think more properly. Like this we can overcome our worries. This is the use of meditation.

Concentration of Mind in Your Life Force is called Meditation. The use of meditation is to know the Sixth Sense (Bead Formation).

Person who can produces that Bead [mani in Tamil] is called Human being [Manithan].



The “Mind” is in the form of Air - One of the five elements. Just as Air surround the earth like a shield, so does our mind surround our body, senses and our feelings. Hence all feelings and activities that are done by the five sense organs are perceived only through the mind. It is only the mind that sees through the eyes, through the five different organs - it tastes, hears, feels and enjoys. Thus it is the mind that realizes in each birth its various experiences.

There are various life forms from one sense being to that of two senses, three senses, and so on up to humanbeing with six senses. In each sense, the mind obtains an experience. In the form of man, the mind gets the power of reasoning - which is known as the sixth sense. To think - reason out, man must concentrate on his potential within through his mind. For this he must do Pranayamam, Meditation so that he can keep his mind in balance and under control.

Those who have not understood that power of the mind (who have not reached the rationalizing stage in their mind) exist like animals in the sense, they eat, sleep, enjoy, procreate and indulge in all sensory activities. Thus journey of the mind (Athma) through desire, through the senses, continues until from an animal state into that of human level. Even at the human level it experiences, the eight negative feelings of Rust, Hatred, Anger, Fear, Pride or Arrogance, wrath, greed, excessive desire, the negative feelings thorough five senses control the mind and cause distress.

Hence the function of the sixth sense is to separate the mind from its negative feelings, that causes distress. A man to evolve into a better being must keep his sensory organs under the control of his mind. Then only he can experience the power of the mind and the divine force within by which knowledge he can raise himself up. The real function of the mind in this reasoning, keeping under control the senses and helping man to evolve.

N.B : The reason why man shown excessive interest in LUST is because it induces man towards activities that help procreation.

Happiness - A mind's Act:

Every one of us likes to live happily. But many of us think that happiness lies in the worldly objects. But the happiness, which comes from the worldly objects, last for few minutes or hours or days or months or even years. It is not eternal. But People think that they will be happy with the materialistic objects itself and try to achieve them. But eventually they develop a lot of worries; bad thoughts etc., and lead their journey with them towards their death.

In this worldly life, people both educated and uneducated think that having a house, car etc., will bring a status and reputation to them and compete for them. In this process they lead their life with worries, bad thoughts, and jealousy etc., These materialistic possessions neither give a lasting happiness nor give status to any person.

One should attain a stage, where in one can live very happily with all these world objects without any worries, competition, jealousy, bad thoughts. In order to attain this stage, one's mind should have the ability to analyze the thoughts that come from those world objects. The medicine to develop this ability is to make our mind to concentrate at one place. It is referred as a medicine because in general medicine will be sour in taste but cures the disease. Similarly it is difficult to mature one's mind from the world objects but it only gives us the real happiness.

Actually, Happiness lies within you and does not exist anywhere else. When the mind is made to concentrate at one place, it slowly absorbs the quality of athma. Then the mind will be able to analyze the worries and thoughts like sorrow, jealousy etc., which come from the world objects and will decide upon it. Even though the qualities like anger, jealous come, this happiness which mind has realized with in himself, will help the person to overcome them. Gradually, the bad thoughts and worries will reduce slowly and mind will attain a lasting happiness.

In this stage, one can lead his worldly life successfully and enters in to the Gnana life.



The formation of Bead is an important stage for a person who practices Yogam.

What is Bead?

In general the bead is considered as solid sphere. When we concentrate our mind at a certain point, mind which is in the form of air will stay at that point. Then, life force will come and join with it. One can feel the life force at this stage. In that place mind feels a sphere shape, which is referred as bead.

Now let us have a glimpse how this bead attains it's shape.

When mind concentrates at a point, then our thoughts will be controlled. At this stage, the only thought we will have is that our mind is concentrated at a particular place. Our breath, which usually passes through nostrils, slowly starts to run inside our body itself. Then the life force will mix with our breath, which results in warming up of our body slightly. Thus the "Dasavayus"(10 forms of air), which runs our body, also gets heated up slowly.

The “Dasavayus” receives the life force and glitters at “Agna Chakra.” When the life force comes across the six chakras, it also makes them to glow and joins them at the center of the eye brow. When Dasavayus and six chakras glitters and join together at the middle of the eyebrow, the life force takes the form of a solid and glitters. This is called as a Bead. Then mind starts to realize that life force and it is our “sixth sense

When mind starts to realize that bead, then it does not feel our body. The feeling will depend on the individual capability. Hence it is said that, the body is nothing but a mirage, and is only an inflated bladder.

The life force will increase each time one does the abhyasam after reaching this stage. Even when he is not doing abhyasam, the life force will increase by 50%. The bead will move to every nook and corner of our body and some times we can feel it. By doing the abhyasam regularly, the power of the bead will keep on increasing. But when a person stops the abhyasam, he will loose these experiences and becomes normal again. As the person practices the abhyasam regularly, his mind will always feel the bead and that's why Siddhas called this stage as an “Awakening stage.

Bead has relationship with athma. As bead gets strengthened, it will result in increasing the power of athma. As mind functions with atham, it gets enlightned with that increased power of athma

In this stage the avasthas are reduced and thoughts are controlled. Because of this one can act patiently in any situation without likes and dislikes and resolve the problems in his life and can live peacefully.

Therefore with the formation of bead in our body, one can lead a peaceful life. Bead formation is the first step in journey towards godliness.



Our life is a combination of the five manifested elements - Water, Fire, Air, Earth and Sky. The atoms made up of these elements create life. Just as a seed needs all these five elements to sprout and grow. [The soil, Water, air, heat (fire) and the sky (light from the sun and the moon).] in the same way our life also depends on the five elements. The Air becomes the Mind (Manam), the Water the Life, the (Fire) Heat that activates our body in the form of energy, the soil the body and the sky becomes the soul (Athma). Thus the five elements form a Human being - A being with life force.

This five elements create various other form of life too.