Who am I ?

Who am I - A common question to all of us.

For some people, the question arises when they compare their joy and suffering with other's. The question starts with - Why me? (why I am suffering etc.,) , which finally leads to “ who am I ”

People, who are involved in meditation, yoga and other spiritual activities, might come to know from religious books and saints, that I am not the body but the soul. But the question still remains for a many of them. Even though they know that body and athma are different, they think that the life which they live is true. Hence the question remains.

“ who am I ” - There are three agni in our human body. They are sooriyan (sun), chandran (moon) and Moolam. The nature of these three agni's rule our body. As these agni act individually for a normal person, he will have three characters (rajogunam, tamogunam, sathvikagunam), eight avasthas (kama, anger, frenzy, fascination, envy, stentation, jealousy and misery), desire, disgust, joy and sorrow. It is because the human mind is influenced by these avasthas, ego (“ I ” consciousness), illusion, and fate, it could not realize the godliness. With the belief that we are only responsible for our own deeds and so there is no relation between us and the god, we go more deep in to the “ I ” consciousness

People don't know how to overcome these avasthas, I consciousness, - which stands between them and godliness. The only way to overcome them is through the gnana yogam

Since the "I conscious" gives 100% sorrow, the saints found an answer for it. While doing Yogam, by controlling the breathe, by increasing the life force, by eliminating the avasthas from the mind and by overcoming the three characters, by making mind to attain the form of light, by increasing the glow of the soul's light, by overcoming the joy and sorrow, like and dislike, and by blending that enlightened mind with soul's light, he will attain mukti.

Mind when gets ahead of avasthas within our body the moola agni, sooriya agni and chandra agni's nature will increase and the agni's will fuse. Then the souls light will receive the Almighty's light and increases drastically. At that time mind will merge with the soul's light and this is called "Samadhi" phase. While doing this Samadhi abhyasam the person will receive the almighty light. When he comes out of the Samadhi abhyasam and moves with the worldly people, their mind will not be disturbed by the people's joy and sorrow. They won't have any pride, egotism and arrogance in that stage. Then only they will realize the amazing difference in their mind, act and thought. They will realize that the thoughts rising from their mind and the act which they do all are of godliness. In this stage only the thought I will be destroyed.

The supreme light (almighty) is filled with 8 characters like love, kindness, simplicity, patience, calm, peaceful, obedience and purity. When a person receives the supreme light by Samadhi abhyasam, the supreme light will impart its characters to him. In that stage, he will realize that he received everything from almighty and I consciousness will disappear.. Then his words and acts will not harm any one. From then he will say that everything is a god's act

That is why all the saints told that everything is god's act. This plays a big role in coming overcoming our fate and that is why I call it as "Mahamantram

Until the three agni's act separately in our body, the “ I ” consciousness will be within us. If we unite these three agni's together and attain Samadhi stage and receive the almighty then only “ I ” will disappear. Then we will attain godliness, live with the acts of godliness and start to treat all living beings equally and thereby coming to know that “ I ” has disappeared.

Therefore, the total structure of 8 avasthas is “ I ”. If they are removed, you can attain godliness, which is the actual “ I ”